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ARE YOU A RECRUITER? Post your job offer here and it will reach hundred of QA professionals: Santa Coloma de Gramenet is the largest meeting point in the network for the people of Santa Coloma de Gramenet city, in Barcelona. The portal was born to provide a clearance of view, where users can express their concerns, make their personal contributions and find information on various topics.

The community has more than 2,000 users and is updated regularly with news and information about the city. While it provides significant resources to citizens it still remains as an independent platform for communication and knowledge sharing.

The portal also counts with the Santa Coloma de Gramenet Facebook group, which currently provides a communication space for more than 20,000 members.

Latest articles (in spanish)

Implementation of Outsourcing in IT

Final Project on the Implementation of Outsourcing in Information Technology for the Master in Information Systems and Technology Management.

The goal  of this project is to compare the benefits the outsourcing of ICT services can provide, both economic development and the technologic-facing and strategic human impact resulting from the decentralization of business activities. It aims to conclude with a comprehensive assessment of the impact on core business and the Information Society.

Download link (spanish)

XEiLL: Educative and Free Network

Final Project on an educational wireless network design and implementation from the perspective of it’s actual state and future implementation review for the Technical Telecommunications Engineering Degree.

With the purpose of giving a wide wireless communications view, it is shown the structure and general working of an extended telematic network using air as main transmission channel.  The project is focused on XEiLL (Xarxa Educativa i Lliure) definition, where it is detailed the necessary resources and applications to made it work, as needed hosts installation and configuration.

XEiLL’s operation and philosophy are based on the use of free software to make it work and open access to users. Installation and network maintenance are based on various persons and entities collaborations.

Download link (Spanish)