Test your testing skills with the Atlassian QA Challenge

Today I found the Atlassian QA Challenge in this post during my morning feeds review, and I was quite delighted about the challenge itself! The company behind JIRA and Confluence proposes a set of exercises to train your abilities around security testing.

On the first exercise you will have to break in through a login form and get yourself authenticated on the system. After completing the first exercise you will be eager to test your abilities on the the other challenges!


atlassian qa challenge

World Quality Report 2013-2014

Some months ago I was offered the opportunity to participate in the Quality survey promoted by Cap Gemini, Sogeti and HP, and I found very interesting some of the contents in which it deepened. Few days ago I reviewed the results from the previous survey (2013-2014) and the they show a positive scenario for the world of testing. Below you can find the key findings as well as an interesting infographic.

  • QA functions are becoming structurally more mature – the number of organizations with a fully functional TCOE increased from 6% in 2012 to 19% in 2013
  • Organizations continue to increase the proportion of their IT budgets for Testing – from 18% in 2012 to 23% in 2013
  • QA teams are still engaged too late in the application development lifecycle, which contributes to the increase of testing’s share within IT budgets to manage operational and quality inefficiencies
  • Rise of Mobile Testing as a key discipline: 55% organizations now carry it out compared to 31% last year
  • Organizations face challenges in managing test environments and creating test data – 16% of testing projects are executed with data created ‘as we go’, up from 5% in 2012

wold quality report 2013-2014
The full report can be found here [link]

Agile Testing and the challenges for testers

Next February 27th  expo:QA  organizes a new casual afterwork among friends and professionals in Software Testing and QA, in the context of “Agile Testing and challenges for testers”.

Here you can find more details:

We invite you to a talk and snack with our guest Graham Moran, dedicated to the world of software quality and testing for 15 years.

Graham has worked for IBM and AIG between Ireland and Spain. He has a passion for software testing and in particular the training of the same. In recent years he has been working with agile methodologies and is certified as a teacher of ‘ Certified Agile Tester’.

Should testers have a different attitude to work in an agile environment?

This talk describes what the ‘Agile Testing’ is and explores not only the daily challenges that testers face, but the changes in attitude that they adopt.

Graham will conduct a funny Quizz, with some more surprises …

  • Date: 27/02/2014
  • Hour: 19:00 to 21:00.
  • Price: free
  • More information and registration here.

WorkInQA.com: Your Quality Assurance Job Board

WorkInQA.com, the job portal that specializes in Testing, Process and Quality Assurance, promotes the relationship between candidates and companies. WorkInQA.com stands as a reference point in a context where international markets and that product quality become more important as a differentiator and strategic component.

Through WorkInQA.com you may disseminate your jobs to a segment of professionals who can bring real value to your business. WorkInQA.com provides a job based board for Quality Assurance professionals.

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