Non-profit organizations

If you are a non-profit organization or any type of social development community and requiere any type of advice or project hands-on tasks I would work for free as far as I can combine it with my other basic obligations.

I can provide assistance not only on my key experience areas but in other type of tasks that might be required. For example I frequently help with translations to the NGO Morning Tears (english spanish) and the International Congress of Creativity and Innovation (CICI) (spanish catalan)

Professional services

If you think my experience and skills can be of value for your businees I am available to be hired as a freelancer. I have developed my career on a mixed business and IT environment backed by other relevant soft skills such coaching training and neuro-linguistic programming for communication. My formal education and certifications provide real understanding on industry best practices and are empowered by real experience on well known companies. My best asset: I can talk business and IT language which is something key when aligning the whole company strategy.

A high number of services demanded by companies do not really require full time dedicated employees or expensive long term outsourced services. In most cases organizations requiere the knowledge to setup projects, train their colaborators or simply someone replying specific questions and proposing solutions based on experience. If that is your case hiring a freelance is an interesting option.


Running a business is one of my dreams and pending challenges. I don’t really aspire to be one of these new young millionaires but I do want to build something from scratch to excellence, providing real value to society and working closely with customers to satisfy their necessities.

If you have an idea that want to discuss, evaluate it’s suitability as a business oportunity or need a partner to make it happen I would be more than happy to hear about it. I am also willing to share my ideas with others.

Individuals and communities of practice

If you already did not notice it learning is one of my passions. For me the interaction with other people is a key resource to exchange ideas, discuss opinions and promote global development, including myself. As such I belive in equality of availability to help. I frequenly use a high number of social networks, communities and other type of online resources. I also participate regularely in networking events and conferences, mainly in Barcelona (Spain).

In any case if you need an opinion, requiere some help to complete a project or just want to discuss something I am always pleased to get in touch with people offering me challenges and will try to help you as much as possible. In some cases it will probably take me some time to get back to you but I always reply all messages.

What can I offer you?

I would suggest you review the information about me and take a look at my curriculum viate. If you still want to know a little bit more about other experiences and abilities I enjoy here you have a short list:

  • I love teaching. Sharing one’s own knowledge and getting feedback from others is an excellent way to keep learning.
  • Building online communities and services is one of my passions. There is nothing more important than communication and Internet provides us with a perfect channel: everybody, everywhere at anytime.
  • Consultant is my second name. I love hearing about others problems, giving advice and helping them as much as possible.
  • I am always worried about users’ experience. It’s not only about usability but the way the product is designed, how clients are going to use it and the way a product fulfil people necessities.
  • Quality is part of my life and comes together with excellence. If you do something do your best to do make it happen as good as possible. Reasonable quality is often very easy to achive with some effort.
  • I like to discuss during hours and hours about projects or assessing business. If you need critical and clear opinions I am your man.
  • Things can always be better and optimization never ends. I belive in continuous improvement and I am always looking on diferent ways to solve challenges in order to increase efficiency.
  • I spend half of my time learning and I am very interested about the impact of knowledge in the organizations and the skills companies requiere from schools.
  • I am always in the middle of two worlds that I continuously study and try to align within organizations: business and technology.
  • Anything else? Just challenge me