How to fix a Dexter 3.6V electric screwdriver that does not rotate

Few days ago I was working on my new wooden planters made with recycled pallets and when I was about to screw the sides I realized that the Dexter FC36LSD electronic screwdriver was not rotating. I left it charing all night but the day after it was still not working with the same issue: the light on but it would not rotate.

At home we are trying to adopt many zero waste practices and in general we are recycling and reusing as much as possible, so I decided to fix the screwdriver. My first guess was that the battery had stopped working. I disassembled the device in order to checked and indeed the 3.6V battery cell had only charged up to 0.573V.

Replacing the battery is pretty easy. You will need:

  • A new battery. I bought a lithium 18650 type from Amazon.
  • Star screwdriver.
  • Soldering iron.
  • Tin solder wire.
  • Sander.

First remove all the screws, including those under the stickers.

Then remove the cover.

Now carefully separate the 2 covers and remove the battery pulling the battery connectors.

Here we can see the battery does not reach the required tension once completely recharged.

If you are going to solder using a soldering iron, it is very important that you previously sand the chrome part of both poles. Otherwise the tin will not be soldered.

Now you can place the 2 bumpers that came with the old battery again.

¡Ready! We need to solder the battery and place the screwdriver covers, and it works again.




How to fix the side brush of the Roomba

As you know, I always recommend automatic cleaning robots, since I’m passionate about anything that automates repetitive tasks. We recently purchased a a Conga, with which we are very happy, but we also had an iRobot Roomba 520 for about 7 years, which I have been improving with some new components.

Since few weeks ago the side brush of the Roomba stopped working. And we have 2 wonderful felines, that during some periods of the year spread hair all over the house. These hairs are filtered through all the components of the Roomba and that is why it is very important to clean the device so often, thus ensuring correct operation.

After cleaning the hairs that were stuck on the side brush as I usually do, I noticed that it was not spinning because there was excessive clearance between the gears. If the same thing has happened to you, do not worry, solving it is very simple.

Unscrew the side brush and remove it. Then unscrew the remaining screws and lift the main cover.

Remove the 2 small screws from the side brush motor.

Now you can remove the side brush module.

Remove the main screw. I did not have a screwdriver of that type so I used a smaller plane to remove it.

It was time to prepare the piece that will help us solve the problem. Cut off the cap of a plastic bottle, so that only the flat surface remains, adjusted to the diameter of the gear.

Reassemble all the pieces and you’re done. I hope this helps you solve the problem with your Roomba.


Making pesto

As the basil has grown and with the winter her  we had to prune it, Karen and I decided to try to make pesto and the result has been very good.

The recipe is very simple. Add the following to a small bowl:

  • Basil leaves (enough to nearly fill the bowl).
  • A couple of garlic.
  • A handful of nuts (pine nuts are usually added but we  didn’t have).
  • Half a coup of oil
  • A slice of cheese (parmesan ideally).

Then grind everything for a couple of minutes and the sauce is ready to enjoy with some delicious pasta or salad.