Autorickshaw: the shortcut to move around Delhi

autorickshawThe experience is unique. Initially you have the feeling that you will not get very far and some other vehicle will crash with you at any time. But then you realize that the driver knows what he does (or so it seems) and you just go for the adventure of tackling in the streets of Delhi. So, first recommendation: if you are using an Autorickshaw relax, enjoy the experience and trust the driver.

The second point to note is that in India the horn is used very often, just to warn that going to pass with your vehicle. Therefore, do not panic if you use an autorickshaw or other transportation and think the driver is crazy. This diverges a bit with the way of driving we are might be used to, where the horn is used for unforeseen or just to curse another driver.

Last but not least, there are 2 important aspects regarding the price of taxis. The first is that tourists will pay a much higher price for using their services. The second is that, as with most things in India, prices need to be negociated. Before getting into a taxi (Autorickshaw, traditional taxi or others) you have to agree on a price for the ride. Normally the driver will give you a very high price and you will have to negotiate. We use the 30/100 rule: if he asks you 100, start offering 30. Another way that usually works quite well is to negotiate downward until the driver loses all interest in the ride and then this may be an interesting price. We have also found that in some areas the offering price is simply higher. In this case it is best to leave the place without an agreement and wait for the driver to come back offering a lower price.

This video was recorded on a journey with an autorickshaw.