Homemade pasta

Today we have made the amazing homemade pasta by Karen, which as most of most of you know it’s delicious. This time we have introduced few improvements in the usage of tools to facilitate the process.


  • 1 Kg + 2 cups of flour
  • 12 regular eggs.


Put the flour and the eggs into the bread maker, selecting the pasta mash mode. If it seems too dry you can add a bit of water or more eggs. Conversely if you notice it is too liquid, add more flour.

panificadora amasando pasta

When the mash is completed we have to make balls.

bolas pasta casera
Then flatten the dough and can cut and paste to the extent that you like.

aplanar masa casera

Now we have to let it rest.

masa casera reposando

Obviously you can knead the dough by hand and cut with a knife. You do not need a mixer and pasta cutter.

Relaxing homemade bath

Some days ago I woke up with a generous headache that grew increasingly powerful throughout the day, so when I got home I decided to take a bath and I thought I would take a look around Internet to find out how to prepare it.

I found several homemade “recipes” for people that, like myself, do not have a pantry full of oils and soaps. In the end I decided to prepare a mixure that worked quite well.

  1. Grab a couple of oranges, juice and drink it yourself. This is not really essential to the bathroom, it is important to keep the skins of oranges.
  2. Begin to fill the tub with hot water.
  3. While the tub is being filled, add:
    • 3 infusions of chamomile.
    • The orange peel cut into pieces
    • A couple of of baking soda tablespoons.

The concoction is ready to enjoy a bath scented orange that will also relax you. 20 minutes of calm and you will be left as good as new.