• Pedro

    Great post! Love it! I will try this!

    But I think that the servername, domain or IP is missing in the ssh command, am I right?

    What if I need to manage several remote servers using this technique? Is possible to use different vnc instances against different (localhost) ports to access different servers? One port per server?

    • tediroca

      You are completely right. The server hostname (plus other arguments) where missing from the command – it seems the WordPress editor didn’t like the surrounding ” on the body of the post.

      You can establish as many tunnels as you want. You just need to specify the ports that you want to use. For example, you could run 2 VNC services on different servers and route the traffic from the first server to from port 5900 to port 5901 in your localhost, and router the traffic from the second server from port 5900 to port 5902 in your localhost.